Ultimate Dubs 2019

Ultimate Dubs 2019

Finally after months of hibernation from the weather it’s starting to feel like show season again. Every year we make the 3 hour journey to Telford to see what everyone’s been working on over the long winter months up close and personal. This year was no different.

Now there’s a big stigma around ultimate dubs about it now being VAG exclusive anymore. This I suspect is down to a few things. Firstly people have been through VW's now and want to try a different venture, or secondly VAG cars are all a bit alike and do not stand out as much, either way if it’s cool and done well then we don’t see the issue.

Enough politics let’s get down to what we’re here for...the show. We spent some time on the roll hard stand checking out there new merch and awesome booth set up, using all recycled wood which we love! Being eco friendly ourselves! And a lovely line up of a VW Rabbit MK1, an equally cool MK2 golf and a stunning MK3. We also made use of their inflatable sofas on the Sunday so massive thanks for that. 
Our long time friend Laurence’s 1602 finally came out of hiding after 4 years since it was last on show. It looked perfectly at home on the auto finesse stand all weekend drawing the crowds as it rightly should. The BBS e32’s really finish this car off just right, the perfect mix of classy retro and stance. Looking forward to seeing this little cracker a lot more this year.

Now to the carpeted room, normally the quieter room and a nightmare to take photos in due to dim lighting, but we made the most of what we had. Charlie Dunns freshly painted RS4 on the artisan uk stand stood out for us, beautifully executed on a lovely set of OEM Audi rotors, hats off to you mate.

Christians Passat cc has always been a favourite of ours and it’s good to see it back and getting the exposure it’s deserves. This car oozes class and laid out on a set of WCI MT10’s it really looked the part.

Now onto the other cars that caught our eye outside, Josh Gresswell's Honda Civic 3G is the definitely something that caught my eye, having followed the build a few weeks before UD and the issues that he overcame, it’s not the cleanest car about but when it’s homebuilt and this cool do you really care?

Danny’s BMW E82 rocking a super wide set of Carlines is very easy on the eye. Extremely fond of this shape 1 series and it’s nice to see them done well over this side of the pond.

To pick a car of the show would be to difficult in my mind so il go with the one I spent most time looking over and taking pictures of. Reece parr’s e30 that features on the ILB drivers club stand. Now owning an e30 myself they have a special place in my heart, and for me Reece’s e30 just kills it, from the fresh paint to the perfect lip to arch fitment. With the smoothed bay and s50 engine this is definitely up there with the best in the country. He made us all wait a year to see it in person again and I’m not mad about it at all, it was worth the wait.

To wrap up ultimate dubs 2019  it’s a great show season kick start weather it’s motivated you to crack on with your own build or just fuelled the excitement for the coming summers months. We all had a laugh and a good catch up with friends new and old that we may only get to see at shows due to distance etc. But judging by the quality of cars on display we’ve got another awesome year to look forward to.
Words and Imagery by West Donovan
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